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Lawrance Cup 

This is anything goes race around the bell buoy.  Add a spinnaker, add another sail, increase the size of your sails.  You can even paddle if you want.
Sunday, September 27th, 2020, 1200

Notice of Race and Sailing Instructions 2019

Lawrance Cup 2019 Results

Lawrance Cup NOR & SI's

Lawrance Cup Registration Form

Please fill out your registration and return by in person or email to

2018 results:

Winner: Paul and Charles Hansen, 505 Class, 8866 "Non Sequitur", 1:47:25
2nd, Bart Venlett and Dylan Tredger, RS 800 Class, 861 "Mizukami", 1:56:00
3rd, Lillian Zaremba and Chris Knight, RS 800 Class, 1181 "Millenium Falcon" 2:15:38

Building Eastely with 3-10 knots, outgoing tide, heavy rain. 

Results from 2017